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Green Building Design & Construction

It is a fact that more and more companies and organizations are taking responsibility for the environmental effects of their work environments. In light of this, the "green" building design concept seems to have become the panacea for all those struggling in the construction industry. Almost every company that designs, builds, or supplies materials for buildings and homes is promoting the environmentally friendly nature of their products.

There is no doubt that a greater appreciation for how the building choices we make affect the environment is a good thing. Of course, weighing this environmental impact can be very challenging and confusing. Therefore, presented below are facts that we think most people would agree make PortaFab products inherently "Green."

Our Modular Systems Minimize Material Waste. 
Our modular wall systems and components are pre-engineered, resulting in a clean installation with minimized material waste at your facility. We also manufacture many of our wall panels and framing systems from recycled materials, further minimizing material waste.

 Our Modular Buildings Are Re-Usable. 
Modular buildings can be easily moved, re-configured, and re-used. When business needs change, modular buildings can be disassembled and relocated. This recyclable nature results in minimized energy and material waste to create a new building or modify an existing one.

 They Feature A Reduced Construction & Installation Time. 
Our systems can be constructed quicker than traditional buildings, reducing on-site construction time and minimizes disruptions. Building designs can come in 2-wall and 3-wall designs, attaching to existing walls to further minimize construction time and materials.

We Offer Components To Increase Energy Efficiency. 
We offer a large selection of interchangeable modular components that can increase the green rating of your building. We can utilize energy efficient doors, sky lights, open roof plans and large well-placed windows to optimize natural lighting, reducing energy usage.

As the demand for Green building design and construction practices continues to grow, we at PortaFab will continue to look for ways to make our products more environmentally friendly. Read more reasons why you should consider modular over traditional construction.